We will never have Web 3.0, because the Web’s dead.

Have to agree that this is inevitable. But still today, I rely on my desktop/laptop to do any REAL work.

It shows they’re really fearful of being displaced by a mobile upstart. However, why would bolting on a mobile app to a Web 2.0 platform (and a very good one at that) change any of the underlying dynamics we’re discussing here? I doubt it.

Case in point… I recently posted an image of my daughters’ 2nd birthday. Guaranteed response, right? Here’s the breakdown of engagement after a full day:

  • Instagram: 23 likes, 8 comments
  • Facebook: 11 likes, 3 comments

But here’s the thing, the number of “friends” on Facebook greatly outnumber the number of people who request to follow me on Instagram. The percentage of engagement is significantly higher, at least in my circle, on Instagram. It’s no wonder why Facebook “needed” to buy Instagram. Just hope that they don’t mess it up.