Barry Becher, co-creator of the Ginsu knife and the master of the hard sell TV pitch died recently. In memory, we are re-airing an exploration of the world of television pitchmen by erstwhile OTM producer Mike Vuolo.

Caught the re-broadcast this weekend.

When and how to ask for the money, false scarcity, social proof, perceived value.

I couldn’t help but think about of the projects on Kickstarter with their scarcity in the form of Limited Rewards and Pledge Deadlines, social proof by display the number of Backers, and of course of perceived value of wanting…

to invite your audience, the tip, to think differently about what they needed in their lives, so that the audience would reach into their pockets, pull out that dollar bill for that bottle of tonic and make the purchase.

I’m sure a Kickstarter campaign can learn a thing or two from the Morrises and Popeils.

Speaking of which… I also enjoyed this from The Onion:

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