Best of 2010: Pocket Memories Edition

I thought I’d do my own year-end wrap up. Not that I would expect to ever make it on Rex’s Yearly Lists but a guy can imagine. Since it was a fun year for Pocket Memories, I thought I’d do my Best of 2010 on my quirky and, often times, silly videos. For those new to Pocket Memories, they’re basically short videos I shoot on my s90 and edit in FCP. I speed up the heck out of ‘em and lay down a catchy tune (with an un-sponsored iTunes link). I especially appreciate the 90-second limit on Flickr. It helps to keep it short and edited down to the essentials. Seriously, it’s a great exercise in editing.

The top three Pocket Memories (in my view, of course) of 2010:

Unboxing the iPad

Everyone Loves Viola in Peru

Catskills Weekend 2010

While I’m at it, here’s a short list of highlights since April 2008 when we first started:

Enjoy. And Happy New Year!