The Oral History Of Apple Design

A six-part series from FastCoDesign, a portion of which are materials from the eBook, Design Crazy. I enjoyed a number of quotes from the following installments.


… he (Jobs) was using Ron as a barometer of conventional wisdom of what his best competitors would do. Ron would always give a textbook answer to any retail question, and Steve would always go a few degrees off of that.

I think everyone should have their Ron.


Everybody else was focusing on being smart. Apple focused on being loved.

Emotional appeal.

There’s no magic to the product planning cycle at Apple beyond a ruthless focus on a limited set of use cases. What each product does in the first iteration is going to be narrow, but those things are going to be airtight.

A note to use this quote for an upcoming project of ours. Can be used often.


In 500 years, Steve Jobs will be the only guy from our generation that anybody knows about.

I’m certain Jobs will be among several names that will be remembered five centuries from now. But it is an astonishing thought to ponder.

AirPlay mirroring requires an Apple TV ($100), but lets you perform a real miracle: With one click, you can send whatever is on your Mac’s screen — sound and picture — to your TV. Wirelessly.

I’m excited to see this tech in collaborative environments such as classrooms where a professor can project his computer without wires and can quickly share the screen of students or others.