… the next wave of mobile technologies will also allow identification — and subsequent in-person personal service — to be voluntarily activated via RFID, branded ‘beacon’ apps, voice commands or facial recognition. As long as these technologies are used to create truly human connections, they will be ultimately welcomed.

I would include emotional in addition to personal connection.

The first step in looking for a story worth writing, Gladwell said, is to read. When he finds an interesting author, Gladwell said he reads the articles the author cites in his work. He follows this trail of articles until it leads him to a story that intrigues him. Gladwell compared the process to that of academic research, adding that he looks for a way to “connect [the ideas] to people outside” of academia.

Isn’t that the trick to creativity/inspiration? The connection of two separate ideas.

If you have both an iPad or device with a Retina display and another iPhone or iPod touch, you can use the fantastic remote control feature to wirelessly control the iPad/iPhone 4/4th gen iPod touch with another iPhone or iPod touch over bluetooth or wifi.

Which reminds me to ask… is there an app that turns my iPhone into a mini-keyboard for my iPad? I bought this Mini Palm-Size Bluetooth Keyboard and it’s useless.