Was waiting until all three days of the Sports front pages were published before posting something on Their Golden Years. If you haven’t seen it, the photos from Damon Winter are just spectacular. And the way they displayed it on the Sports front was brilliant.

Listen to the fantastic audio edit by @sarahk11. Excellent edit and research by Becky Lebowitz. And don’t miss the genius interaction design and development by @huang_apiaries. It’s a hint to the future of photo galleries. Lots of goodies.

At the heart of all of these photos is a moment, or a detail, or an expression that tells the story of these soldiers’ day-to-day lives while on a combat mission.

Damon Winter explains process, philosophy behind award-winning Hipstamatic photos

That’s all he really had to say… but these are also very powerful words:

We are storytellers. We observe, we chose moments, we frame little slices of our world with our viewfinders, we even decide how much or how little light will illuminate our subjects, and yes we choose what equipment to use and through all of these decisions, we shape the way a story is told.

On the technical end, Damon argues:

But I don’t see how it is so terribly different from choosing a camera or film or process that has a unique but consistent and predictable outcome, like shooting with a Holga, or cross-processing or using a color balance not intended for the lighting conditions.

Similar to Zach’s point yesterday.