We wanted to make the best for the most for the least.

Eames: The Architect and The Painter. An excellent film on a great visual communicator and a studio ahead of its time. Inspiring.

Other memorable quotes:

  • "Never delegate understanding."
  • "Take your pleasures seriously."
  • "I was happy being exploited by a proper master."

Thanks for the recommendation to watch it, @westert.



Alter Bahnhof Video Walk

Viewers are given an ipod and headphones and asked to follow the prerecorded video through the old train station in Kassel. The overlapping realities lead to a strange, perceptive confusion in the viewers brain. Hard to document and harder to explain.

A strand on the future of visual journalism? I hope so. Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller are doing some real compelling work.


One hospital. Hundreds of stories.

Check out the official website as well as the in-depth Interactive Storytelling Project.


The Waiting Room Theatrical Trailer (by The Waiting Room)

The official trailer for “The Waiting Room,” a feature length documentary film exploring the daily struggle of patients and caregivers as they pass through the waiting room of Highland Hospital, a public hospital serving in Oakland, CA. It is a co-production between ITVS, Open’hood, and Peer Review Films.

So much on the web to watch and learn

Seriously, who needs cable? So much to watch and learn. From Eyeo Festival to Games for Change Festival, there are tons to consume and expand our thinking.

The interactive documentary Inside The Haiti Earthquake is one worth watching if you’re interested in telling interactive stories. Just don’t call it a game.

The best way to get people to stand up and pay attention is to get them to fail.

While you’re exploring, it’s also worth watching the collection of project ideas from the Knight Fellows at Stanford. Check out my friend Katy Newton’s Kon*Fab.

A web documentary is more than just a traditional, linear documentary transposed online. In addition to audio and still and moving images, a web documentary features multimedia tools that facilitate viewer interaction. “Web documentaries are clusters of information,”

Web Docs still isn’t the perfect term, but I’ve heard worst (ie: multimedia).