Wishlist: A Newsstand for Video Content Publishers

We don’t have a TV. Seriously, I’m not saying that to sound hip. We cut the cable when we moved to New York City 5 years ago mainly to trim our monthly overhead. I moved from California without bringing my flat-screen TV (which wasn’t going to fit in my New York City apartment anyway). But we decided not to subscribe to cable television. We were going to stick with the web. And we don’t miss a thing. Well, OK… maybe I miss my 50-inch.

But since that time, significant strides have been made in video distribution: Hulu, Netflix’s Watch Instantly, iTunes Store’s TV Shows & Movies. Then iOS launches. I often wear bluetooth earbuds (Jaybird Freedom) when consuming most audio and/or video content on my iPhone and iPad. I build playlists on Vimeo & YouTube (Watch Later) via my social network (Fav on Twitter mostly). And then watch them with Denso at appropriate times (ie: lean back, while doing chores, at the gym). And, of course, there’s an array of video publisher content. TED is one of my favorites. The new Smithsonian Channel app is impressive too (see image below). All this to say that we are not short in excellent video content to be consumed on a computer, tablets and smart phones. We lack a way to organize it all.

Hence, my wishlist for a Newsstand for Video Content Publishers and Platforms (Vimeo & YouTube). But beyond a place to purchase/rent video content, but a one-stop shop for discovery, curation, consumption and share. And what if we can create and organize our own personal channel based on our own discovery (ie: Interactive Narratives Channel). Denso just launched this channel on their platform to allow for easier consumption. Maybe that could be a part of iTV from Apple.
Or maybe Hulu can support a bookmarklet called “Add to Queue.” That action will then put it on my Hulu Plus Queue.