… the cold fact that there is less general interest in general interest news. Readers have peeled off into verticals of information — TMZ for gossip, Politico for politics and Deadspin for sports, and so on.

Hasn’t this always been the case? CNET and Mercury Center of yore was tightly focused back in the day. And also why I read certain blogs because of the niche content.

How to use Project (iPad app)

How to use Project (iPad app) - Screen shot of the “how to” page inside Virgin chief Richard Branson’s new Project Magazine for the iPad.

Some folks have argued that if you need instructions, you’ve made the interface too difficult to use. In iPad interfaces in general, using new apps (specifically content heavy apps) always seem to have some learning curve.

Unfortunately, Project is a bit reminiscent of the Wired app. I got lost a number of times. And a number of interactions were not intuitive. They even have a swipe and reveal interaction that’s just too gimmicky for my taste.

In terms of content, however… can’t go wrong with an interview with Jeff Bridges, amazing photos of Jaguar’s 205mph electric car and some slick 3D video tours of Japan. And the app didn’t crash on me once.

The New Yorker, the iconic magazine title from publisher Condé Nast, confirmed today that it will use the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe to create an engaging magazine experience for tablet devices like the iPad.

Please, please… keep it simple. The New Yorker is all about the reading experience. And the cartoons, of course.