We returned to The Jewish Museum New York yesterday for a children’s music concert but was reminded of the fantastic The Radical Camera exhibit they still have on.

One of my favorite photo from that collection is “Lisette Model" by Weegee where he captures photographer Model taking a picture at Nick’s Jazz Joint, holding a string bag full of spare flashbulbs. It shows how far we’ve come… and how much we still lug around to get that perfect image.

Speaking of change, I also thought about how much we’ve taken away from ourselves as we try protect each other… or maybe from one another. I’m sure we would never see a Boy Jumping into Hudson River (by Ruth Orkin) without some new law inacted. 

In any case, excellent exhibit if you haven’t been to. It’s definitely worth the visit. They also have a pretty sweet interactive map locating where some of the photos were taken with quick access to Google Street View.