Was waiting until all three days of the Sports front pages were published before posting something on Their Golden Years. If you haven’t seen it, the photos from Damon Winter are just spectacular. And the way they displayed it on the Sports front was brilliant.

Listen to the fantastic audio edit by @sarahk11. Excellent edit and research by Becky Lebowitz. And don’t miss the genius interaction design and development by @huang_apiaries. It’s a hint to the future of photo galleries. Lots of goodies.

The television broadcasts from the Olympics aren’t merely an act of capturing reality, but an act of creation. TV sporting events are something we make, and they have a tension at their core: On the one hand, we want to feel as if we watched from the stands, but on the other, we want a fidelity and intimacy that is better than any in-person spectating could be. Our desire is for the presentation of real life to actually be better than real life.


Well, they made up the rowing noises and played them during the broadcast of the event, like a particularly strange electronic music show. 

On delivering sound when capturing them is drowned out by the visual reporting. There’s even a name for it:

This is sonic fiction. They are making up the sound to get at the truth of a sport.


Coach as explainer.


Coaching Tips: Fencing - Peter Westbrook

1984 Bronze Medalist and legendary USA Fencing Coach Peter Westbrook demonstrates the important technique of Body Movement. Peter shows us the correct way the body should be positioned; as well as gives us a few insider tips as to how he puts his own “spin” on the basics. Watch now for your own exclusive lesson from one of the masters.