… inexperienced business people need advisers, mentors and a network of support to help them deal with the problems that can emerge. There is a big difference between a project and a product strong enough to sustain a full-fledged business, they say, and it is risky to confuse the two.

What does a resume of a successful product person look like?

This conference is one in a series that the organizers throw twice a year to elevate the art and science of product development for technology and media firms. The primary goal of the conference is to provide insight into strategy and technique for developing digital products that are used by lots of people, frequently.

This is the link to the schedule: How to Build Great Products: Insights September 2012.

This was a photo from¬†Serkan Piantino’s prez (with Ty on the table against the wall):

Could only make it for a short time Friday afternoon but found the conversations afterwards compelling. Good group of folks.