Another excellent post by @robinsloan. This time, it’s on

the process of pushing a work of art or craft from the physical world to the digital world and back again… 

Also known as the flip-flop. Who knew?

I would add one more excellent example of this type of flip-flop. I’ve admired the work of the extremely talented Richard Koci Hernandez (or @koci) for many years. And his recent collection of photography goes through this ingenious flip-flop process. Like me, he didn’t know it had a name.

Koci was kind enough to share with me his process and how he gets many of his images to look so analog.

  1. Shoot  photo  - digital
  2. Print out image - physical
  3. Scratch print with knife - physical
  4. Reshoot the image with iphone through and old camera viewfinder- physical/digital
  5. Post to Instagram

Similar process with these images:

Brilliant and beautiful. Check out the rest of his Flickr photostream.

So I wish more people were making tools for a specific creative purpose rather than for general consumer adoption. I wish more people were making tools that very intentionally do not scale—tools with users by the dozen. Tools you experience not through a web signup form, but through pathbreaking creative work.

We develop a number of templates and tools… so this line of thinking speaks to me.  Well said, @robinsloan. Super smart. Thanks.