It should be there to: improve your journalism, or increase your traffic from social platforms, get people spending more on your sites, improve customer relationships, or get customer data.

I vote to “improve your journalism” but should also have the end goal of allowing others to tell, as well as, be informed by those shared experiences.

Some great quotable lines on museums and digital technology:

And in our digital era, museums offer one of the most fertile grounds for that reinvention.

(Social media) can provide access to a much wider audience, and can extend the museum visit by allowing a user to continue the aesthetic experience after leaving the museum.

Edward Rothstein, the New York Times’ cultural critic-at-large, bemoaned the loss of contemplation, which has fallen by the wayside for those museum-goers whose primary goal becomes taking pictures of objects or of other people looking at objects. (via: “From Picassos to Sarcophagi, Guided by Phone Apps”)

There’s not a lot of garden left in the world. And this is what makes museums so important. (In reference to Nicholas Carr’s “there needs to be time for efficient data collection and time for inefficient contemplation, time to operate the machine and time to sit idly in the garden.”)