Digital Dissatisfaction: The Limits of Technology // Jonathan Harris // TFI Interactive Day 2014 (by Tribeca Film Institute)

On tools:

Each of these tools carries with it the bias of its own template. And that template will overtime have a very homogenizing affect on the types of things made using that tool.

An approach I need to remind myself every so often. And on meaning:

Meaning is something that takes time to accumulate. It doesn’t happen instantly. 


My daughter makes a cameo by sitting on the side of the stage during his closing keynote… so apropos when talking about “timelessness.”

Our Harvis road to TFIi. Captions:

  1. Plan (from our garden work station)
  2. Test (synchronized testing, that is, across the country with live beta testers in multiple cities and using a variety of communication and monitoring tools).
  3. Test some more (this time in location at The Hollywood Theatre).
  4. Screening of American Promise at The Hollywood Theatre.
  5. Checking for last minute details.
  6. My daughter giving me a boost of confidence before I take the stage at TriBeCa Film Institute’s Interactive Day.
  7. The engagement visualization from our live demo of Harvis at TFI Interactive.

Engagement graphic results from our live demo of Harvis at TFI Interactive

It was a pleasure to be part of the conversation yesterday and honored to share our new mobile web application, Harvis, at TFI.

Here’s a screen shot of the real-time engagement graphic during our live demo of Harvis of which we received 151 unique users, 1391 gestures and 109 comments.


Other than the “instructions” peak, at 2:30, where we asked everyone to test the swipe gestures, the top four engagement peaks highlighted these features:

  1. Real-time engagement graphic
  2. Analyzing shifts over time
  3. Filtering the real-time engagement graphic by survey results
  4. Share immediate poll results and comments

We’ll also share some of the comments especially those with questions about the experience. We’ll follow up with specific responses. Thank you for participating and for being an engaged community.

To learn more, visit afourthact.com/harvis and email us at afourthact@gmail.com.

Circa 1948

I went to Tribeca Storyscapes last night and I stepped into the future by walking back in the past, Circa 1948. This was seriously stunning. Don’t miss out if you’re here for TriBeCa Interactive.

NFB Interactive continues to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling and what’s currently possible with environments, projections and Kinect sensors. And they continue to elegantly wrap it around a story-first approach to interaction. Bravo!